3 great (and simple) ways to improve your cold calls

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For many people, cold calling have become the greatest nightmare for every time the phone rings. Just by imagining strangers calling your home (or mobile) and trying to sell something makes many others strangely shiver.
The truth is marketing and sales people might usually say that cold calling is dead. However, it is still well and strong, very cost effective and efficient by itself, but people, and their behaviour, have changed – and cold calling strategies should have changed as well (but they usually didn’t). At the same time, salespeople have become more afraid of rejection, mainly because they struggle with:

  • Not preparing for excuses and responses;
  • Not rehearsing tones and pitches;
  • Calling people at wrong times (or not learning with their personal schedules);
  • Giving up too soon – usually before trying 6 times.

So, what does it mean to have cold calling strategies? Some tricks are actually really helpful, such as:

Warm up your call


So you don’t know who you’re contacting? Fine, get to know them beforehand. This is why there is social media and also news. Have you looked them up on a search engine? Learn something about them and use it – wisely – as a weapon to gain this prospect.

Introduce yourself


Well, you got to know them better, fair enough to say who you are, right? Usually people want to know three main information when they receive a call:

  • Who’s calling (yourself and company)?
  • Why are you calling me specifically?
  • What’s in it for me?

In order to attend these demands, you should structure your call. This is a structure based on my experience:

  • Start with an introduction
Hey! This is Jose from ReplyUp
  • Get their attention
We’ve been growing 30%, and so are our customers!
  • Add value to them (show how and why you’re valuable)
There are many companies such as yours which have let us help and we’re now able to double their income. We’re so happy to deliver results like these!
  • Close (schedule a meeting or make your final sale, depending on your product/service)
Maybe we cal talk about how your company can be the next great case of ours. Would you have time for a meeting next wednesday?

Make it fun


We all love good humour, so how to deliver such an experience via cold calls? There are some tricks, which include:

Creating a good environment: don’t just call from a quiet room. If you have other people calling, they might be your background noise, but if you’re alone, how about music playing (in low volume). It will help your humour and your client’s.
Smile: while you’re on the phone, smile. It will make you happier and at the same time you’ll sound more convincing.
Be confident: Believe in yourself and trust your sales pitch. This behaviour will help you being more persuasive. There wouldn’t be a product/service available if it wasn’t going to solve any problems.

Finally, keep practicing. Improve yourself with mistakes and learn with your market’s particularities. After all, no cold call is the same and no product is either.

I hope this post have helped you. Please comment your questions below!

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3 great (and simple) ways to improve your cold calls
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