3 Key Ways To Address Your Productivity Levels and Accomplish More Tasks

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When learning something new, such as having a more productive business, it’s not uncommon to feel anxiety and stress over the things you may learn. In fact, it may feel like you’ve got a mile-long To-Do List.  For most folks, the list gets longer and longer – with more things being added on and nothing being done to remove items from the list.

It may shock you to realize that many people’s To-Do list includes 150 different items. What kinds of tasks does your To-Do list contain? Need to email or phone clients? Do you need to solve server problems? Do you need to buy new technology? Do you need to fix the technology you already have?

Yes, that list you have is going to be endless. After all, after the work-related stuff, you need to contend with the personal stuff too – groceries, helping kids with their homework, cook supper, etc.
And, here’s some troubling news! The longer the list is, the less likely you’ll be to get things completed. When this happens, you start to stress out, getting anxious that nothing will ever be done like it needs to be. The feeling actually causes you to not get a single thing done!

Want to break that unproductive cycle for yourself? Sure you do!

3 Ways To Feel More Productive Business In Your Day

more productive business

#1 – Choose The 3 Most Important Tasks Right Now 🔥 💪

Before you check your email, make sure you write these tasks down. According to various research, prioritizing can be extremely taxing on the brain because it has to compare and choose what events are most important. Therefore, checking emails before any prioritization can have a negative impact.

Choose those three most important tasks first then get going on fulfilling them. Focus on one task at a time.

#2 – Eliminate Half The Tasks From The To-Do List 

more productive business

There’s a reason you need to eliminate half the tasks sitting on that to-do list. Your brain is focused on each task, even when you’re not aware of it. And, a mere mention of them can be taxing on your productivity level.

On top of that, you won’t get the items you really need done and crossed off because you’ll be focusing on the easier stuff. You want to feel like you’ve made progress, and this is the way to do that.

Imagine the pride you feel from deleting your email messages. Does that really need to be on your to-do list?

Think of what’s on your to-do list and eliminate the low priority ones so that your brain can deal with the more important stuff.

#3 – Come Up With Your Done List 


Your to-do list may seem like it’ll never end, and you may think you need to be superhuman to get it all done. However, focus on the tasks you do complete, as you get it done, mark it off and send it to the “Done” list. This “Done” list will keep you motivated to keep tackling your list. If you do a task that’s not on your list, go ahead and mark it on the “Done” list.

By doing this, you start to feel better about what you managed to get accomplished. It makes you feel like you’ve been productive, not feeling like a failure for not being able to do everything on the to-do list.


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3 Key Ways To Address Your Productivity Levels and Accomplish More Tasks
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