Scariest Sales Follow-up Emails (with 4 Horrifying Examples)

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Sadly, follow-up emails mistakes are definitely a part of B2B world. At some point, we all want to gather further information of your leads or prospects, but sometimes they’re not very well used and put away your possibly future customers.

In a job which demands creativity for writing your own text and have an attractive message, tips such as “What to do” might be a little tricky. This is why I’ve gathered a list of things you cannot do. At all.

Don’t rush or delay your follow-up:

Be careful with how fast you’ll send your follow up. If you just talked to your prospect, it might seem a little bit desperate of you to send 3 minutes later.

follow up email mistakes

On the other hand, don’t wait too long. If you take weeks to follow-up, they might have forgotten, or even found another solution with a competitor.

Don’t use incorrect data:

Check your message before sending it. There is nothing worse for a recipient than opening a message with “Hello FIRST_NAME” or a misspelled name.


Prospects should feel their message is unique and personalised, like you really took that time in order to talk specifically to them.

To maintain this kind of satisfaction, keep your database very organised and that every value is in its right place (e.g. if you mistake address and phone number, your message might ask them to call to a road).

Don’t use a too broad subject:

As we all know, one of the crucial parts of sending an email is how relevant its subject is. If you don’t achieve a minimum, your message tends not to be open. Actually, even with a good subject, your message will probably get lost in their mailbox amongst hundred of other for a period of time.


Don’t be too general. Have empathy. Think about a subject that would make you open the email if you were the prospect. There are a few things which may help you having a better subject line:

  • Give a clue of what you’ll be talking about;
  • Identify yourself, show you’re from business X and not a spam;
  • Mention your previous discussion, so it’ll be easier for them to remember who you are;

You don’t have to use all the above, but try merging them in order to achieve a great subject.

Don’t send the same message twice (or 3, 4,… times):

As well as you’ll lose relevance if you send too many follow-ups and flood your prospect mailbox, sending the same message makes them lose trust as they feel your process is not personalised and, therefore, not suitable to them.

Also, you must take care to how your content appears visually, or if there are words misspelled. Don’t forget you’re selling your company when you send emails, which means if prospects don’t like your message, they’ll be more likely do don’t like your company. Be empathic.


These are my main tips, but also maintain a good text, revise it, proofread it. Try your best to deliver a great experience for prospects.

Did I forget something? Share your thoughts and tell me what you think! 🙂

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