#4 Impressive Reasons Your Follow-Up Email Isn’t Effective

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We all know a well written follow-up is the next step of every meeting, whether it is with a new networking contact, with a job opportunity or even a potencial client. However, there are many reasons why you’re not sending an effective follow-up email.

Follow-ups also help keeping you (and your company) in your customers’ minds, which is exactly what you need in order to be remembered and convert more.

You’re not quick enough

Some people say the best time to follow-up is within 5 minutes after, because you’ll be really fresh on your target’s mind. However, you can take up to 24 hours to send it. This is the most suitable time to follow up, because the longer you take, the easier you’ll be forgotten – and your message ignored.

effective follow-up email

You’re not subtle

When sending a follow-up email, empathise and think about what you would do if you received the same message. Would you really open it? Would you ignore it?

Avoid subjects which seem like an advertising phrase, such as “I am the guy for you!” or “Buy me now! This is your chance” because are too obvious.


Instead, prefer communications which are more subtle and makes the person remind of you easily, such as “We had a great meeting” or “As we we’re talking earlier today”.

But the most important is to be yourself, be personal. Do not assume a “super-professional tone”, because it will only harm your chances as it pushes your target away from you.

An Effective Follow-up Email is Personalised

You probably receive tens (or hundreds) of messages in your inbox everyday, don’t you? Well… so does your target.

Be assured that your message stands out from the crowd of others. Think about your niche. What makes you open an email? Personalise your content, revise it. You’ll be surprised of how effective it can be.

You’re not straight-forward

Just don’t ramble, say what you have to say and be brief. When people see a text which will take more than three minutes, or isn’t scannable, they’ll tend to skip it to read later and probably won’t get back to it.

effective follow-up email

Do use small paragraphs and highlight important information. If you have a lot to say, divide your text into sections, which will increasingly improve readability for your target.

In conclusion, check the items above and what were your mistakes. If your follow-ups weren’t effective, there is still time to improve! Worse than a bad follow-up is not following at all, so you’ve already done some good to your company.

So don’t give up, use these tips and build a better relationship with your target, be effective and you’ll perceive an improvement in your conversions.

Do test your improvements and evaluate how it changes your responses rate. These measurements (such as how many people open, how much time they need to click on the call-to-action button and how many of them click on it) are great tools to understand how your target reacts to information and, therefore, to your message.

Set goals and, most importantly, always try to improve yourself.

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#4 Impressive Reasons Your Follow-Up Email Isn't Effective
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