5 Great Productive Gmail Extensions

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If you’re a Gmail user, you’ve might have seen there are many different tools available to explore and make the most of your experience. Gmail has the capability to do lots for you and your time, it does it because it’s developer-friendly and allows – altogether with Google Chrome – that you use your other apps in it.

But it goes beyond just that. Many tools add-on to your message and make it more powerful, so you can do stuff such as tracking emails (like openings and analytics), send reminders, get corrections, create polls and many other things that work greatly with your team.

So, let’s start it out by listing the most useful ones I found (click on their titles to download the extensions):



FullContact is a tools which empowers how you see and manage your contacts. You notice how easy it becomes to organise your contacts with tags, add notes to them and just see how beautiful it is along with your Gmail inbox.



This tool is great to analyse your email habits. It sends you reports of how many messages you’ve been senfding, for instance. It works great for if your job is related to the customer, because it also tracks how much time it takes for you to answer an email and it is so good to see. After you use it, you begin truly understanding how your habits work in email.


This is probably the best tool for you to have your emails answered. ReplyUp allows you to generate template emails, track everyone who received it, opened it, read it, replied it… and the list goes on. It has a platform which is so simple to use and make a great experience.


Also, if you have a big email list, like in a CSV file, you can send emails in a bulk, which improves your time drastically. And it’s really just so easy to personalise.



If you’ve ever worked with Trello, or MeisterTask, you know how good they are to organise your jobs and make you more aware of what’s next in the company. However, sometimes your plate is too full and you don’t have time to open more and more tabs – or apps. Sortd has a very decent tool which works directly from your inbox. The amount of time you gain by using it is just crazy. It’s worth a try, definitely.



Have you ever needed a tool which could make your email more secure when sharing real important information? Well, here is one.

Snapmail brings the best of Snapchat for Gmail. Let’s say you need to send a password to a coworker, but after that you really hope they erase it from their mailbox and even the trash bin – which, let’s be honest, they’re high-likely to forget.

Well, you send your email, define a time and it just disappears. Almost magical, huh?

So, which was your favourite of the above? Please share with us tools you already use and make your life easier. I hope you have enjoyed this list!

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5 Great Productive Gmail Extensions
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