5 Tips to Make your Sales Follow-Up Emails More Valuable

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It might have come to a time which you’ve written many sales follow-up email s. Some of them had good responses, some went just ok, while others were just lame.

Let’s allow ourselves to be open and honest about it: the wrong kind of email is the one which makes you roll your eyes and wish to unsubscribe immediately.

Kicking it off, start by improving your grammar and your bad tendencies. Check your old messages. Which phrases do you still use nowadays? Really start to pay attention to your texts. Does it have a sequence? Do you use double negatives?

One good tip is to rewrite your most used sentences with brand new words. People which you’ve sent sales follow-up email s before will read it differently.

Another tip you should definitely listen to is: never apologise in advance. When you say something such as:

“I am sorry to bother you, but take two minutes to check this product…”

you are truly saying to your probable new customer that you’ve done something wrong – when you just took your first step.

Also, the word “sorry” is mainly used for people which regretted what they’ve done. While you might indeed have interfered by sending a cold email, for instance, you shouldn’t apologise in advance – after all, it’s your job, isn’t it? You should only apologise in case your recipient complains about something, and then you’ll be doing the right thing.


Moving forward, the best way to improve your sales emails is to add value to them. So, how do you do it?

1. Show successful cases

sales follow-up email

Start with studies of cases. It really becomes easier for people to empathise for studies on comapanies which are similar to theirs. And when you’re sending a follow up, you’re probably looking for your target’s empathy, once it adds value to you.

2. Use your media in your favour


If your company has medias, such as a blog, you can add the link for a post which is very relevant for that email. Actually, blogs are great tools to add value to your company, you should consider having one.

3. Show reviewssales follow-up email

Tell your prospects what your current clients think about you. Using reviews will make the sales process easier for you to convert. However, don’t sell yourself too much, because no one will believe you if you do it. Give them an honest review.

4. Give them a piece of advice


Giving a good suggestion to their company will make you sound very convincing and more relevant. Who wouldn’t want to get free advice? And furthermore, they’ll perceive that if you have such an advice in just this email, there will be some much more you would be able to help if they become your client.

5. Connect to them


Talk about a client you have in their niche, or some friend you have in common which may sound valuable to your target. When people get to know someone they know trusts you, it’ll become easier for them to trust you as well.

In conclusion, go straight-forward after what you need. Be simple, organised and most of all, add value to your customers.

I hope this post was useful! Do you have some other tips? Share them with me!

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5 Tips to Make your Sales Follow-Up Emails More Valuable
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