5 Tips on How to Master Customer Service in Your Company

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Master customer service is a great deal to help sales and fidelity. However, many companies still struggle to listen to their clients and, consequently, lose them to competitors.

Also, unsatisfied customers are awful for sales because they’re able to convince many people not to hire you. Even more now with social media and digital influencers. Getting rid of a bad review, which will appear on Google, is a tough task. Let’s see how you can make it easier:

Want to Master Customer Service? Start by improving your FAQ Page


It is very obvious that your customers won’t fully know every aspect of your product/service when they start using it. It takes time and curiosity to deeply understand how everything works.

By having a well-thought Frequently Asked Questions page, you are in advance of your customer’s issues, which proves you care about their painpoints. So how can you improve it?

  • Think about how much difficulty every action of your product/service demands and focus on the hardest ones;
  • Track uses and website visits to check in which point people tend to stop navigating;
  • Check searches made in your website. Most customers will search for an answer there before contacting.

Make it easy to your customers to contact you


Make sure your information (such as social media information, email and phone number) is available in your website or customer’s system. Another tip is to have it in every email you send, as part of your signature. If you ever needed urgently to find contacts, you know how much it’s useful.

Personalise your Emails



There’s nothing worse in your email than receiving a spam message, right? So if you want to master customer service, you won’t want them to feel like that. But why would you spend your time doing such a thing?

Well, because customised messages clicking rates go up to twice as much as bulk emails. ReplyUp gives a great help with that by giving you personalised templates which you can use to add names, contact information and about anything you want to their messages. This is what real personal feels like.

Automatise your Lead Generation Process


As important as keeping current customers happy, your company must acquire new ones. When you’re in B2B market, sometimes it might be hard to find new clients if the company is too big or even far away.

One great tool to solve that is social media lead generation. Nowadays it is very simple to find these people in networks such as LinkedIn. There are many tools, such as Found.ly, which finds these contacts’ information and make it much simpler for you to email them, for instance.

Ask for Feedback


Last, but not least, if you want to improve your product/service, ask who deals with it. Only with customer feedback you can provide a real good product/service. You can ask them personally or even use small surveys (take care not to create a time-consuming questioning which will get no answers at all).

So, which tip do you already use in your company and which ones do you think are more valuable to you?

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5 Tips on How to Master Customer Service in Your Company