7 Tips for an Unavoidable Subject Line on Emails

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If you already needed to send a follow-up email and got no answer – don’t feel like you’re alone, this is the most common situation – or already received one you didn’t even bother to open, you probably know how important a well-crafted subject line is.

The truth is that moments after you sent your emails, it’s already popped in your recipients smartphones and computer’s screens. Even so, many people just ignore it.

So let’s start by studying what appears first when someone receives your email:

  • Sender’s name;
  • Subject line;
  • Date and time.

Yeah, no surprise. Subject lines appear in big bold fonts and they’re the second thing recipients will see (the first one is who sent the email), therefore, they’re really important. Which means, you might have the greatest email, but if you don’t have at least a decent subject line, people won’t care, and you hard work might be wasted.

So, how can you master email subjects, get people to care about your messages and read them?

Let’s start by saying they must be creative and provoke some interest, but without giving away too much information Here are some templates which provide further help:

1. <#> tips for <client’s problem>

By adding a list, you drive interest for a short and direct valuable content.

e.g. 12 tips for sales teams to work effortlessly!;
        7 ideas to change your bedroom with less than $50.

2. <Benefit> for/in <client’s company>

This is a killer one! if you have direct information about your clients, it’s worth the try. Write about how your product/service can be valuable for your customer’s company.

e.g. How to spend 15% less for lead generation in found.ly;
       A new marketing strategy for LeadRipple.

3. This might be helpful!

Show empathy with this subject line. It makes your customers more aware of your service and you will look more trust-worthy for them.

4. Did you find what you were looking?

This follow-up subject line is great for when you track website visitors and know they didn’t finish their task. Works great for e-commerce websites and service-providers.

5. Know more about <topic>!

If you have a content marketing source, such as a blog, or other social medias, you can use this subject line to send educative emails, so they can know more about new launches and releases, also, they can get to know better your product/service.

e.g. Know more about sales prospecting!
       Get to understand how SMM (social media marketing) works in 2016.

6. <Benefit> in <time>

When you know your clients have no time, it’s nice to give them a clue of how much time they’ll need to read your email. This also works if you have a SAAS business.

e.g. Control your finances in 3 minutes!
       2 minutes to improve your meetings forever.

7. Hi <name>, <question of interest/goal>?

Questions are great to provoke your target and bring answers. You should try it!

e.g. Hi Jéssica, do you already know how to set-up your account?
       Hey, Matt! Want to increase DesignerNow's revenue? 

So, which ones do you use and didn’t appear in the list? Let us know!

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7 Tips for an Unavoidable Subject Line on Emails
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