How to get emails from LinkedIn

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You have probably seen people in your LinkedIn account and wondered how you could get in touch with them. Of course social medias spread your possibility to get to know new people. But when it comes to really meet them, sometimes they’re not the best solution if you want LinkedIn email address.
For instance, how common for you is to answer messages in your LinkedIn? For some people it might even be common, but usually users try different approaches, such as looking for the same person in other social medias, or even looking for their website in order to find a more direct contact, such as an email account.

However, there is a new product, which facilitates this whole process. It uses cold emailing via prospects you provide yourself from your own LinkedIn account. How cool is that?
Indeed it is really simple, and as soon as you see it, you’ll understand. You’re clicks away from your new customers. Let me guide you thought.

How to Get a LinkedIn Email Address


This might be the most difficult step. You have to set up your account and install the plugin to your computer, so it will be able to help you via LinkedIn.


linkedin email address

Go to LinkedIn and check that now there is a new button when you go to a profile. It has logo and says “Add Prospect”. As you click it, your prospect goes directly to your account, and the person won’t receive any kind of notification.
If you want to make it work even faster, you can go for a search and look for profiles which match with your requests, for instance:

“I’m looking for Managers and Executives working at IBM both in the US and the UK.”

These information will lead LinkedIn through a list of people, which now you can add as prospects with one only click.


When you click in “Add Prospect”, goes through every profile information looking for their names, emails, job titles and even companies. All in just one click. Which lead us to the next step.

#3 STEP – DASHBOARDscreen-shot-2016-09-14-at-10-35-40

After you went through LinkedIn and found people you wanted to contact, they’ll be available in your dashboard. It is a built-in CRM system and allows you to contact them directly. But don’t worry if you already have another CRM client. integrates and syncs with over 300 other applications, such as Salesforce, Podio, Pipedrive and Hubspot.
Your dashboard will show all your prospects and will even label them by email sequence, so you can easily find the person you’re looking for among every other.
Also, if you already have your prospects and want to use as CRM tool, you’re able to import CSV files with their information.

#4 STEP – EMAILlinkedin email address

As the final step, the moment you’ve been waiting. Now is the time to finally send emails to these prospects. has tools to make it too.
You can create email sequences (unlimited), with follow-ups already scheduled, and it works with email personalisation too, so you’ll be able to create more empathic messages, which will engage your audience.
All email sequences are trackable and you can see how recipients have interacted with messages in your Outreach dashboard. As well as pausing/cancelling sequences and adding notes to prospects, making the whole process much easier.linkedin email address

Now, all you have to do is to build a strategy of how reaching your targets and wait for replies to convert these people into leads. I hope it was helpful, but if you still have questions, check the video below!

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How to get emails from LinkedIn
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