How to Hold Meetings Quicker Than Ever

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Independently of which company you work at, you probably already caught yourself present in a meeting which could be easily exchanged for an email – if you didn’t, maybe you’re the one in your company that loves meetings too much. Lots of entrepreneurs already know how to hold meetings quicker.

The truth is we’ve all been busier than ever as the days go by and we need our time to be optimised at its finest (a.k.a. not wasted). But how can we improve timing and organise relevance at the same time? Keeping communication simple in offices may sometimes be a bigger struggle than it looks at first.

Here are some tips to hold meetings quicker and more time-efficient:

Stand up

hold meetings quicker

Everyone takes longer when too comfortable. Get everyone on their feet and run a quick meeting to get everyone to know what goes on in the company.

By standing up, people act and think faster, making them even more productive. Also, it is healthy to get some stand-up time if you spend more than 6 hours sitting down in the office.


Prepare your points

hold meetings quicker

Meetings go faster if you know what you have to say. Prepare in advance and make the most of your time. Many meetings can happen in less than 10 minutes. To do so, annotate your points and schedule them. Is really important that you can keep focused on your points and move forward after communicating what you intended to. Here’s an example:

  • Share good news about the company;
    • Did we hit a goal?
    • What did we accomplish?
    • Is there someone new in the team?
    • Did any customer leave a feedback?
  • Share numbers;
    • Which were expectations?
    • Are we close to these expectations?
    • Explain what those numbers mean;
  • Get some specific area to do an update;
    • You can give them time to prepare earlier (tell them in advance);
    • Every meeting should have a different area talking about their business. It helps everyone to get to know what others are doing and consequently what is their role in the company.
  • Get someone to talk about an issue;
    • They share something they’re stuck on their job;
    • Someone can take responsibility to help them.
  • Finish by cheering everyone for their good work.
    • You can say something nice or even have a Huddle of your team.

Hold Meetings Quicker with the Two-Pizza Rule

hold meetings quicker

Amazon’s CEO, Jeff Bezos once recommended the “two-pizza rule“, which is simply a say that meetings shouldn’t have more people than two pizzas could feed.

You probably know it if you’ve been in a meeting with 20 or more people. It’s not productive. You might stay for more than 3 hours in a meeting room in which more than half participants haven’t even open their mouths. Couldn’t it be an email?


Kill distractions


Are coworkers checking their phones every 2 minutes? You can start barring them at the door, or even have a Phone-box. Anxious people tend to give honest and (quite often) good answers.


Does it need to be a meeting?


Most importantly, before ever considering a new meeting, think to yourself, can’t it be solved with an email? When you move many people to a single place, remember that you’re moving your business resources to an amount of time which may not be  the best use of it.

Thank you for using your time reading!

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How to Hold Meetings Quicker Than Ever
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