How to improve your sales follow-up emails

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It’s 2016. We all use internet for everything, don’t we? And we need to trust it most when we need something important to be solved. It is just the same with your prospects. You want to improve sales follow-up emails, and you want them to feel like buying your product/service. But how do you do it efficiently? There are many ways, but only one master key. A relationship.sales follow-up emails

But why having a good relationship with your prospects is so important? It’s simple. The more you know someone, the more you trust them.

But this isn’t all, of course. The foundation of this relationship you’re going to build is your utility to them. So show you care about their success, be proactive and present how you’re going to do it. Give value to them, but just enough so they can buy the full package.

Ok, so you’ve nurtured a great and healthy relationship with your prospect and now it is time to send a sales email (and its follow-ups). The rule #1 is: don’t be boring. It’ll make your sale take longer to happen and even can make your prospects (or clients-to-be) see you with lower respect.

Instead, be engaging and make your relationship even stronger. This will facilitate  conversions to the bottom of the funnel.

Here are some tips to make you improve these messages:

Always be polite (and friendly)

At this point, you probably already know that many people won’t answer to your emails. It is not their obligation, people tend to ignore advertising messages when they don’t feel comfortable to buy the product/service.

Don’t play the angry salesperson which will send an email saying “Why won’t you answer me?” or “Please don’t ignore me!”. It will truly make you lose the client and also your good reputation.

It is very easy to perceive a person’s mood by the way they write an email. So try to maintain polite all the time and be understanding. Even if you’re not getting replies, say something like “Please contact me anytime in case you need something”. Just be aware not to sound too polite – you are not a robot.

Furthermore, if you perceive they won’t reply to any follow-up (even though they’ve opened all your messages), you might have to stop messaging them. Some people are very polite and they will not tell you they’re not interested.

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You can send a message like “Hey, as I can see, this is not the right time for you, so I’ll stop emailing. Maybe in the future we can make find better solutions. Thanks!”. Just don’t play the passive-agressive person, because it’ll make you lose your opportunity, by making them feel guilty and stressed.

Write a non-ignorable message

Nowadays, attention is one of the most valuable skills you can have at marketing and sales. People easily ignore boring messages because they expect to receive very personalised emails. So write every email (or email template) as if your job would depend exclusively on that message. Take a look at your target, study them and always try to get the most personalised email, because it’ll probably be the most valuable.

sales follow-up emails

After all, it’s all about relationships. Build a good one and you’ll have great clients for life. Thank you for reading!

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How to improve your sales follow-up emails
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