How To Improve Your Email Subject Lines

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One of the hardest things in sales emails is to achieve a high personalization level in mass sending messages.

You’re probably using automated softwares to ease your job, but is greatly important to think about the customization too.

Not only the email body customization should be given attention, but also and specially the subject line. You should craft a high standard subject line to maximize your opening rate. At the end of the day, a very well customized email body won’t make any difference if it hasn’t been opened or gone right to the trash.

Salesloft have made a good study using a tracking email tool and have found out 3 mainly things emails with a high opening rate have in common:

      1. Dynamic tags

      2. A question

      3. Three Words or less

For example, the subject line:

“@company, Highest Cash Values” had a 61% open rate.

improve subject line

Third time’s the charm?” coming in with a 50% open rate and a 25% of replies.

improve subject line

“Get press for @company” with a staggering 71% open rate.

Get press for @company

According to a Vorsight research, emails whose subject lines have one or two words have a open rate of 80%. Use simple and direct words such as “Update” and “Intro” to boost it up to 90%. On the other hand, emails whose subject lines have five or more words have only a 15% open rate.

Despite of all automation, resist and put some personal touch into your templates in order to maximize the outcomes. Avoid creating long, wordy and boring subject lines because they might go directly to the trash bin.

Creating a customized, short and direct subject line, shows your prospects that you know they are probably busy professionals and you respect their time and attention.

Use these tips to smash your competitors in the “email sending realm”. To make it even more efficient, it’s very important to do your very own research with an email tracking software so you can find what works and what doesn’t for your case.

Here are some great tips by (E-book “Cold Call VoiceMail and Email Strategies That Work” ) that might also improve your email quality:

  • Emails sent early morning and/or late night = maximize open rates.
  • Some data suggests many execs are viewing email on the weekends.
  • “Re:” in an email subject line generates a good open response; “Dear” does not.
  • Adding additional recipients in the carbon copy helps boost open rates.
  • Industry research suggests 1/3 of emails are being read on mobile devices — subject lines seen on such devices only utilize 35 characters.

I hope these tips help you nail the art of sending b2b cold emails! Let’s hope them respond!

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