Over 29% Response Rates on Sales Prospecting

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Following up in sales isn’t just a wishy-washy “checking in” reminder that you exist. It can actually be a statistical strategic advantage.

Yesware’s data scientists discovered that there is a 21% chance that you will get a reply to your second email if the first is ignored. Even if that second email goes unanswered too, it turns out that there is a 25% chance that if you keep trying you’ll eventually get a response.

So persistence is clearly the key. Why, then, do 70% of sales emails stop after the first attempt?

I know that trying to craft the perfect follow-up email to garner your target response rate is difficult and stressful. Here are a few tips which can help you to get over your performance anxiety and start sending those emails! 😀


After you’ve left a 📢 Voicemail 📢 – Send An Email 😉👉 ✉️ 

People are really easily distracted. They might not even mean to ignore your voicemail; they’ve just gone “Oh yeah, I’ll do that in a second” and been swallowed up by one of the endless admin tasks we’re encumbered with.

By sending an email which says:

“Hi [first name], just tried to call you.

Here’s my number, please give me a ring back,”  – the recipient is reminded of your message. They’re then far more likely to respond.

This is doubly important if someone’s business number is also their mobile, as a lot of mobile users automatically ignore any unfamiliar numbers.


So it looks like they’re ignoring you… 💔😢

If your email software enables you to see when your emails are being opened, you can make use of this strategy. Namely, have they opened your email? ✉️ Yes? 😊  Let them know you know. Send an email! Possibly example:

“Hi [first name],

I see that you opened [this email I sent on this day], so I thought I would just get in touch with you to see if you had any questions or concerns about [content of email].

I don’t mean to be intrusive, but I was just wondering if you were interested in learning more about [content of email]. We help companies like yours every day, and if you were willing you would be a perfect partner for us.

Do you have 10 minutes for a call next week?


[your sig]”


Who wears the trousers 👖 here anyway?

If you’re ever worrying that you’re filling up the wrong person’s inbox with your follow-ups, feel free to just simply ask them about it!

Hopefully it will make them feel more kindly disposed towards you, since by asking them for a favour you’re now sort of in their debt, and by doing you this favour the email recipient gets to feel good about themselves with minimum effort on their part.


After you’ve finished a ☎️ Sales Call ☎️ – Send an Email 😉👉 ✉️

Congrats on getting into telephone contact! You must have been sending great follow-ups! To keep the momentum of the connection flowing, drop them a short email recapping the call and thanking them for their time. This gives them a concrete reminder, since memories are oh-so fallible.

To add more value to your email, so that it doesn’t come across as the equivalent of poking them, see if you can send them any links to resources which are relevant to your conversation, particularly anything that they can show to their team or their supervisor as part of a decision-making process.

Tell them explicitly what their next steps should be, and when they should do so, or when you will be following up with them.


🔔 I hope these tips will be useful for your follow-up emails in the future! 😜

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Over 29% Response Rates on Sales Prospecting
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