How To Look Fine When Following-Up a Job Interview

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We all have been through this situation. You go to a job interview, everything flows naturally – or even sometimes you get nervous and do some small mistakes (but that’s completely fine) – and the next step is: wait unceasingly for that answer.interview-restaurant-a-pair-of-girls-england

No doubt you’ve wanted to be a fly on the wall to check what your interviewers were doing – what could be more important than your answer? Nothing, of course.

However, you don’t have to wait in the dark. There are many subtle ways to get what you want, and depending on how you do it, it might even help you, as it shows your interest in their job opportunity.

During the job interview:

You can start your strategy at the interview. Analyse the person (or people) around you and check for things you have in common.

For instance, if you see a plant in the room, you can say “Oh, it is so nice you have plants in here”. Right now you might think it is nonsense, but actually these things will help them remind of you later and even break the ice, so they’ll start the interview looking at you with better perceptions.

Things like a t-shirt they’re wearing (in a more informal interview), the café where the interview being placed, or even something you talk about yourself, can all be useful to make you more unique and more recognisable.

Because interviewers meet lots of people everyday, sometimes it may be difficult to them to remember you specifically. So if you give them some hints like this, it’ll facilitate for both of you. Just be careful not to sound awkward. Don’t push too hard.

After the job interview:

If you did well on the interview, there are high chances they’ll remember you. Even so, you should probably send a follow-up email just to check it.

Don’t be the kind of person which says: “So, did I get the job?”. It doesn’t sound nice, and if your interviewers still don’t have an answer, they may feel stressed.

Instead, use more gentle words, such as “Thank you for the nice interview!”.aerial-view-of-hands-on-computer-keyboards-mobile-phone-and-yellow-watch-on-table

Actually, this is the right time to make them remember you. Make use of what made you stand out in your interview. These are some examples, but do use your creativity:

  • It was really good to talk to you. That café had the best capuccino in town!
  • Thanks for the meeting! I am looking forward to work in such a sustainable company like yours.
  • Thank you for the interview and for the salt.

After all, empathy is the greatest key for the “interviews gate”. Put yourself in their position and think about what kind of e-mail you would open – and what kind you wouldn’t. When you’re able to do that, you’re already one step ahead of the others.

I hope it was helpful! Do you have other tips? Comment them below. 🙂

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How To Look Fine When Following-Up a Job Interview
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