How to Make Your Business Sell More via Email

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Emails are known for their capacity to make a business sell more. An email marketing campaign, for instance, can easily multiply the money invested – if applied properly.
Companies are always thinking about how to improve the return over their investment, which is completely reasonable. In order to make it worth, you should probably think about diversifying your strategies.
Follow-up emails are great assets to a business sell more, and tools which allow you to personalise these campaigns end up giving you extra power over your competitors. But how can you grow your company with follow-up email? Here are some tips.

Great powers = Great responsibility


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Emails are great, they are your chance to get directly to your lead’s phone, computer and mind – at the same time – and if you have a list of them, even better! Lists make it easier to reach bigger amounts of people in less time. At ReplyUp, we work with partners, such as, which help you find new prospects for your company.

Mind your language

A well-written message is worth more than a thousand bad messages. Why? Because they each work to one different side of an aspect: your company’s value.
When you personalise your messages and empathise with your audience, for instance, you’re contributing to a more valuable brand. On the other side, when you send poor emails, with a single message to many different people (with different backgrounds and experiences), or even the same email many times to the same person, people will see you as a spammer and will ignore you. Your company will be worth nothing to them.

Want your Business to Sell More? Track, Track and Track


Tracking is learning. Emails (and other digital marketing tools) are awesome because or their “trackability”. In opposite to a billboard or even printed advertising, you have means to know how many people were reached, how many opened your message, and clicked your call to action button… these tools exist so you can use it, so make the most of them.
As you track, you’ll start perceiving patterns. Such as which message converts more, what kind of button makes people click more, what title makes people unsubscribe your list… the list goes on.

I now declare you supplier and client!

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In order to your company have significant growth, you should also think about how you’re going to maintain the clients you already have – and not losing them to competitors. The key is relationship.
As in a marriage, you’ll expect mutual loyalty and support. Give your best to clients you already have and always give them value. Via email, it can mean many things, such as:

  • Sharing valuable content – original content, or even interesting links you’ve seen which have all in common with this client;
  • Providing opportunities – like discounts, events and new products/services;
  • Offering new partnerships – if you have different types of clients, you can act like a bridge between them.

There are many other ways to make your company more valuable – and consequently, able to sell more. Always use your creativity in order to perceive which opportunities are there in front of you.

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How to Make Your Business Sell More via Email
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