How to Optimise Your Time in Email (with 11 tips!)

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If you got here, you probably want to optimise time in email, right? Well, thanks to technology advances, in every single day there are new tools available in order to make our lives easier. Globalisation also helped people from different countries and backgrounds to understand each other’s culture and furthermore, develop better solutions to us all.
Nonetheless, there is still nothing worse than having great tools and not being able to use or control it. Although we feel like this, we’re surrounded everyday with tools which we don’t get their best potential. It might be your computer, phone, tablet, oven, refrigerator… even your toothbrush.
The truth is we don’t have enough space in our minds to remember every single aspect of every tool which surround us. This is why developers try their best to make intuitive features and interfaces.
In what it regards your Gmail, an average worker spends more than two and a half hours everyday reading and answering messages. This time is insanely big for a so simple task and there is so much room to optimise time in email, this is why I am going to share some tips with you today, so no further explanation, let’s go!


How to Optimise Time in Email

If you want to optimise time in email, first of all, go to Settings > General > Keyboard Shortcuts and enable the Keyboard Shortcuts on option. Then Save changes.
This will improve your time by leaving your mouse/trackpad out, so you don’t have to move your hands. You’ll see how it is time-saving, this is what you can do:

Want to keep reading an email later? While with the message open, click X and you flag it as important;
Is this message a spam? Type ! and let Gmail know;
Press J or K to move to previous or recent messages;
For composing a new message, press C;
Want to reply a message? Just type R;
Oh, want to reply all? Type A instead;
You’re getting it! Forward a message? Yes… type F;
Ready to send, right? Press TAB and then ENTER. Now your message have already been sent;
Go to your Contacts by pressing G and then C;
Go to your Drafts with G and then D. You got it, right? Go(G) + Drafts(D);
Go to Inbox? YES! G and I. Don’t forget you must press these keys separately. One, and then the other.

There are many other keyboard shortcuts, ones are harder to learn than others, but if you really got interested in learning more about how you can save your time and want to know more tricks, click here to go to Google Gmail Support Page and get the most of your time!

Also, remember ReplyUp can be easily added to your Gmail and it provides great help in order to automate and organise email follow-ups. It goes beyond of just email tracking, provinding personalisation with custom fields in real time. You just have to create a template and then just fill with personal information, increasing your answer chances and getting to be more known among your prospects. Check out more on our Features page!

And that’s it! I hope I have helped you and your company to achieve better results.

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How to Optimise Your Time in Email (with 11 tips!)
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