Making the most of a Meeting with your Prospect (3 great tips!)

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This article will help you with how to get the most of prospect follow-up email s. Many people still struggle to get more prospects (and clients). Check it out.

So you finally had that meeting with your dream client, which you’ve wanted to meet for ages. Let’s say it went well, and the client seemed surprised with your expertise and could possibly be interested in your product/service.

Reaching clients as a new business is a matter of patience. Not everyone can give confidence to prospects with not much to show. However, you can’t just wait for them to contact you. Actually, it could be a waiting of months (or even years).

Your biggest mission is to remain fresh in their mind. You’ll probably want to craft an email follow-up, which will go directly to their inbox. Despite that, you don’t want to write just another email. An opportunity like this one is great for your company and an average message wouldn’t inspire any confidence.

Instead, here are some thoughts you must have in mind in order to improve your client-response:

Follow-ups aren’t the same

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For every situation you have, you’ll probably need different words. Although you might follow some structures, be aware that you must change your text every single time.

Many people have a folder in their computer filled with pre-written text for emails, so they have to copy and paste, looking where they’ll have to fill with prospects info. Instead, ReplyUp provides templates which easily help you crafting the perfect message.

Tools like this give your company an outstanding look, so you’ll already be ahead of your competitors.

What is working (and what isn’t)


It is useless to continue using a strategy if it doesn’t work. So what do you do? Gmail alone wont help you tracking these information. But at our service, you can check who viewed your email, who clicked in your CTA (call-to-action) button, and moreover.

These functionalities provide you a better guiding sense to understand which approach works best and so you can get rid of your bad writing habits.


Personally, I think this is one of the most important skills you can have. When you are able to put yourself on your clients’ shoes and really understand which are their needs (and how your service can improve their lives), only then you’ll be the best you can – and will inspire their trust.

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For instance, as a customer, you expect the salesperson to give all the information you’ll need in the most easy-to-understand way. Actions like this will only strength your relationship as they’ll see you as an authority in an aspect which is their company’s flaw.

Also, if you had your meeting, make sure that you summarise in the email what you discussed, so they’ll remind of you more easily.

Finally, showing that you care about your customers will only improve your image to prospects, and as they become clients, it’ll make them become more and more loyal to your service, adding value to your brand.

Is there any other good practice you believe is good for these situations? Comment below and let us know your opinion!

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Making the most of a Meeting with your Prospect (3 great tips!)
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