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Alright! Let’s start out another follow-up comparison post. Have you seen our previous one? Check it out here.


So let’s say you’re looking for just the right tool to improve, track and automate your email sending. This follow-up comparison is here in order to make it easier for you to make your choice in a very easy way.

Regardless of the fact that I work at ReplyUp, I promise you that I’ll do a fair work. After all, no one would want to try selling fake advantages just to get annoyed customers in the future.


Let’s see how this follow-up comparison goes:


I just want to start by saying Toutapp might be one of the most complex interfaces I’ve ever used. It was really easy for me to get lost in their Live Feed. Such a bunch of information altogether in a box. Although it seems to have tools for many different tasks, I don’t see how average users will be able to learn how to manage it all.

On the other hand, ReplyUp shows simple and friendly tools, which are very simple to use and provide just the right amount of tools. It’s just exactly what I need, without having to add useless tools.


When we talk about small companies, we’re mostly talking about how little can we price something. In this subject, I didn’t understand how Toutapp wants to target this market. Its price starts at $49/user/month, which is more than 6 times ReplyUp’s price.

It might be scary as a small business (depending on how small they are, of course) to spend it monthly when you have many other bills due monthly. I think Toutapp may be more suitable to bigger companies that can afford someone to learn all about it and make great use. Unfortunately not a very popular price.


This particular point got me a little scared. Toutapp doesn’t provide direct help to their standard customers. Instead, they have a community help – and I know how peer helping can be useful, but how come a company charges you even more just for customer support?

Beyond that, both solutions have shown a well-prepared system, which include Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and many other guiding tips, divided by category.

If such help isn’t enough, ReplyUp gladly provides specific and direct support. After all, how can we become a better company if you’re not getting yours improved as well?




Free forever plan


Unlimited follow-ups per month


Personalised follow-ups

Send bulk e-mail follow-ups


Schedule and automate follow-ups

Auto-pause email follow-ups

Connect Email Accounts

Detect email status (delivered, read, clicked, forwarded)

Performance measurement

Customer direct support


*This information wasn’t informed by the provider.

** Only provided in secondary plans, which are more expense.



Free Plan

Free Trial Only

Forever Free

Paid Plan

From $49/user/month

From $8/user/month


At ReplyUp, nothing satisfies us more than seeing happy customers whose companies can grow through our service. This is why we have a well-prepared team to help you with any concern or question. We aim to provide you the best experience you ever had in a B2B software.

So, what about giving ReplyUp a chance to surprise you? I hope this blog post has helped you somehow. If you’d like to sign up for free, here is your chance (just click here).

Thanks for reading!

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