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Hey! If you got to this post, maybe you’re a YesWare user, or perhaps you’re still trying to choose which application works best for your company. Well, here I am, ready for a short – but effective – email tracking software comparison in order to make it easier for you to make your choice.

Regardless of the fact that I work at ReplyUp, I promise you that I’ll do a fair work. After all, no one would want to try selling fake advantages just to get annoyed customers in the future.

Let’s check it out how they both compare:


These platforms have outstanding products when it comes to following up emails. As you get in their interfaces, both Yesware and ReplyUp show they know what they’re doing. Although the first one also comes with an app version, it isn’t very simple to use if you must send lots of emails, but helps if you just forgot to write some.

ReplyUp comes ahead in what concernes simplicity of navigation and friendly interfaces. As it shows colours (unlike its competitor), it becomes easier to understand in which phase your emails are and how to make the most of them from that point on.


Yesware (on the left) and ReplyUp (on the right)


Every big company which exists today has been small one day. We know what it is to take care of every penny you spend. For starters, both solutions have free plans. Despite that, Yesware provided a free trial only, so costumers must buy Pro features very soon.

On the other hand, ReplyUp has a Forever Free plan, which helps small companies to grow and establish themselves. It has some limitations, and as soon as the company need more, they simply upgrade their plan.


We all know every company has clients with more and with less expertise. To this last group, there must always be help provided in order to improve results as well. In what concerns help center, both tools have shown a well-prepared system, which include Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and many other guiding tips, divided by category.

If this isn’t enough help, both have contact forms in which you can add your specific question. Unfortunately it took me a while to find Yesware’s Contact Support button, but it does have it.


When it comes to features, as you can see below, both solutions have very similar tools and might as likely solve your following-up requirements. However, ReplyUp shows itself more affordable, being able to save al least $4 per user/month.



Unlimited follow-ups per month

Personalised follow-ups

Send bulk e-mail follow-ups

Schedule and automate follow-ups

Auto-pause email follow-ups


Connect Email Accounts (Gmail, Exchange, SMTP)

Detect email status (delivered, read, clicked, forwarded)

Performance measurement

Customer support

*This information wasn’t informed by the provider.



Free Plan

Free Trial Only

Forever Free

Paid Plan

From $12/user/month

From $8/user/month


At ReplyUp, nothing satisfies us more than seeing happy customers whose companies can grow through our service.

This is why we have a well-prepared team to help you with any concern or question. We aim to provide you the best experience you ever had in a B2B software.

So, what about giving ReplyUp a chance to surprise you?

I hope this blog post has helped you somehow. If you’d like to sign up for free, here is your chance (just click here).

Thanks for reading!

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