How To Send Powerful Personalised Emails (Of Course! that yours Prospects Actually Want To Read)

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It really sucks when you receive a super automated email, doesn’t it? Some companies focus on quantity, but completely forget (or even deny) the quality and satisfaction of the people they’re reaching. On the other side, customers have become more demanding, they want to see your effort. When they do, they will sympathise more easily with your message. We want personalized email marketing.

There are some steps to guide you in your personalisation, so let’s go!

Collect data on your target to create a personalized email marketing

Think ahead for your message and plan which data you will need for a perfect email. These information must be enough to help you personalise and segment your audience.


Also, think about what exactly you want to reach with this emailing campaign, create measurements and goals, which will lead you to a more structured and organised result.

Find something in common

We all have sympathy for those who are similar to us somehow – as well as we tend to trust these people more easily, as proven psychologically. However, the uncommon similarities are the ones which engage us most.personalized email marketing

Look up for uncommon things you might have in common, such as:

  • a company you both have worked;
  • a language spoken by the two of you;
  • if you studied in the same university or;
  • volunteered in the same organisation;
  • traveled to the same destinations.

The list goes on and on, do your research use your creativity to find the right matching point.

Make use of people you have in common

Experiences aren’t the only in common thing you can use to relate to your target.

When you have someone in common (such as a coworker of yours which is friends with a target, or a stokehold you both know), it can be used as resource in two different ways:

  • ask this person to send the specific email (which will indicate your service to the recipient), it will significantly increase your chances for a reply;
  • if you don’t have nearness to the person in common, send the email yourself, but mention this person to gain leverage.

Use pain points as opportunities

During your research, you probably got to perceive in a better way what your target companies (or customers) are going through. Use it in your favour, because the more you understand their pain, more opportunities you have to offer enjoyment to them.

personalized email marketing

For instance, if a B2B software company perceives businesses aren’t buying their service because they struggle using new applications, they can send an email offering an online web course, or a free e-book with a free 3 months subscription, offering value and pleasure at the same time.

Another trick is to look at their Careers webpage and see which positions they’re hiring. Use it in your email to show empathy and improve your chances of conversion.

Use templates

Our customers here at ReplyUp have a template tool which helps profoundly change and personalise their messages. Not only the content (with tricks as seen above), but when and which follow-ups will be sent in case it’s necessary.


ReplyUp has the capacity to make it all from your Gmail account, so you don’t even have to open another tab in your browser. We do our best to bring the best experience for our users.

What else do you do to personalise your emails?

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How To Send Powerful Personalised Emails (Of Course! that yours Prospects Actually Want To Read)
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