How to Write an Introduction Email (on the right way)

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When it comes to introduction email template, most people feel scared just to think about it. Not for the email itself, but they distrust its effectiveness. Although it is a great tool to gain leverage on your targets and improve sale rates, it should be used wisely in order to make everything work as planned.

Have you ever been asked to introduce one person to another? It might be simply fine, of course, but sometimes you might also feel awkward because you don’t know both very well (as well as for many other reasons which make you not to feel like introducing them).

As the person who’s asking for the favour, you don’t want people to feel uncomfortable, mostly because  if they do, they probably will tend to ignore your message and live on their lives. However, there are many tricks that can help you be more persuasive, warming up your leads and get these introductions done:

1. Don’t dive right in, take one bite at a time

When you look for people in common with your target and find someone who’s apparently suitable, you might feel like taking action immediately. Dig a little more before you do take action though, sometimes you might find they don’t really like each other, so you wouldn’t get this recommendation.


Another trick is to look for less obvious coinciding points between them before choosing who you’re going to ask for an introduction (e.g. if they both like technology, it may seem too common, but if they both like to cook french dishes, they might be more likely to accept your request). If you find real interesting points between them, when your receiver gets the message, he/she will be very excited to send it because they’ll highly estimate that contact.

2. Your message must have the right structure

When you send an introduction email, it must get more things done for the recipient as it can. The less they have to do, bigger are your chances. Also, people are more likely to help you when they perceive you’ve done your job properly and didn’t stop there, as you did a part of theirs.

State clear points, such as what do you want the recipient to do, how they can make it and which would be their benefits. Also, finish the message with a Call-to-action button, or even a phrase such as “let me know if you need anything…”, which will remind them that you’re waiting for an answer.

Your structure should go around this:

introduction email template

  • Introduction: who you are and what is your company’s name;
  • Your company: explain briefly why you’re interesting, talk about the experience and clients;
  • Research: explain what you’ve found in your research and the benefits you found, be very clear at this point;
  • Ask: the time has come! Ask for your introduction. Be both brief and simple, there’s no need to explain too much;
  • Thank: be polite and thank in advance for all the support, as well as let your recipient know you’re available for anything they might need.

Did you have some good or bad experience with introductions? Let us know in the comments. 🙂

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How to Write an Introduction Email (on the right way)
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